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Bergen Systems specializes in providing world class equipment that are essential catalysts for the electronic manufacturing industry.

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Our customers are our biggest source of inspiration as they are always guiding us with their highest expectations..

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At Bergen Systems, our reputation is preceded by the years of excellent service given to the rising electronic sector in the Indian economy..

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We Are Not Just Another Electronic Equipment Company

We at Bergen Systems are driven by the demands put forward by our customers. They inspire us to bring forth the highest service standards. Whether it’s in fulfilling their need for better quality electronic equipment or whether it is providing them scheduled maintenance visits after, we deliver in accordance with their expectations.

Our vision is to go beyond a regular electronic equipment provider and be a partner to your growth in your industry.

What We Do

Wire Harness Tester

Automatic high voltage wire harness testers are used in a variety of industries, such as aerospace and defence through to rail, and are used to test any equipment which contains a high number of electrical wires, or active components ensuring these pass specified test criteria at the sub-assembly and final stages of construction. These systems ensure the wiring and

Crimp Cross Section Analyse

Crimp cross-sectioning equipment and measurement software. Schleuniger’s micrograph equipment allows the creation of and analysis of high-quality crimp cross-sectional images in a fraction of the time needed with “conventional” methods. Customers can purchase either complete systems or individual components according to their individual needs.

Automatic Wire Crimping M/sc

Wire crimping is an important part of production lines that depends on the performance and reliability of a wire crimping machine. Such machines are available in a variety of configurations, as both manual and automatic systems. For larger production requirements, however, automatic wire crimping machines help original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) to meet 

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